Her Youth Secret Is A Natural Item

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This woman is 51 and looks 20. She has no wrinkles and shares her secret with you. This is both good for men and women. Keiko Yamada is 51 and looks like a girl. She had no surgery and uses just natural skin care.

Keiko turns 51 this year and she was born in 1966, January 17th. She is Japanese model, entrepreneur, model, host, artist and had her first reward in 2012 on Tokyo 2nd stage charm contest. She won for most lovely natural skin makeup look. Many homemakers said Yamada gives them hope and age are not a factor for beauty.

Her secret is amazing diet and healthy skin care.

Keiko said she avoids MSG, bubble gum, popcorn, pickles, instant coffee with sugar, fried goodness, and noodles.

She has veggies daily and regardless winter or summer, she drinks water all the time. Also, she uses emulsion and toner and massage daily.

Her smile and youthful skin make her pretty.

She uses a natural item mask that many Japanese uses now.

You need:

– 3 spoons rice

– 1 spoon milk

– 1 spoon honey


Simple and basic. Make the rice, cook it shortly. Strain this and keep its water.

Add honey and milk in the rice and mash mix. Clean the face and apply the mask. When dry, rinse with the rice water.

Benefits of this water are:

Better blood flow, more antioxidants, moist and softer skin, brighter tan, reduced fine lines.

Also, the water warms the skin and soothes swelling.

Try this every week and see results soon.

Source: healthytipsworld


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