If You Do This Once A Week, No More Scars And Wrinkles!

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This following food is rich in squalene and linoleic acid, both antioxidants for more collagen making. This can slow down the wrinkles showing. The squalene also keeps the skin safe from sun damage.

Also, there is vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol here, both amazing for the cholesterol and heart.

Sadly, apart from Japanese people, others do not know this secret. Rice is the wonder for the skin we all need for rejuvenation.

Here is the amazing simple DIY recipe for the facial mask of rice, for smoothening skin and giving good complexion.

You need:

– 3 tbsp rice
– 1 tbsp milk
– 1 tbsp honey


Cook the rice and save the water. Add warm milk in the rice and the honey now. Put this mask on dry and clean face and after it is dry rinse the face with the saved rice water.

This rice water is loaded with antioxidants, gives moisture to the skin, makes better blood flow, removes wrinkles, inflammation, redness and hydrates skin too.

For even better results, do this 1 time per week. You will be amazed after you look a decade younger.


Source: organichealthcorner

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