How To Stop A Heart Attack In Just 60 Seconds – It’s Very Popular Ingredient In Your Kitchen

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Can you envision there is a possibility to stop a cardiovascular disease in One Minute? More remarkably, it can be visited utilizing only one ingredient you currently have at home!

John Christopher is an herbalist that exposed a reliable formula for resolving this issue. Inning accordance with him, cayenne pepper can avoid a heart attack in one minute.




Take a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and include it into a glass of water. It ought to be intoxicated by the individual who is having a cardiac arrest. Likewise, the client has to be mindful. If he is not, then you have to utilize cayenne pepper extract and put a couple of drops of it under the client’s tongue.

Cayenne pepper boosts the heart rate and blood circulation to all body parts. Furthermore, this stimulant assists the healing after a heart attack and is extremely reliable when bleeding takes place. Bleeding stops at the very minute due to the pepper’s hemostatic results.




This medicine is considered as the very best one when it pertains to cardiovascular disease. Make certain you utilize just cayenne pepper and not Chili, given that it consists of far more capsaicin.

These are the required components:

 Cayenne pepper powder
 1-3 fresh cayenne peppers
 50% of alcohol
 1 L glass bottle

Ways to prepare the medicine:

Usage gloves for security then include cayenne pepper powder filling a quarter of the glass bottle. Put some alcohol in the bottle so it covers the powder.

Next, take a mixer and blend the fresh cayenne peppers with the correct amount of alcohol to obtain a consistency like sauce. Then, include the mix to the bottle, filling 3/4 of it.

Continue with putting alcohol in the bottle to the leading and put the lid on. Then, shake the bottle a couple of times a day. Keep the bottle in a dark location for 2 weeks then strain the mix in a dark bottle.

If you desire the medicine to be more powerful, keep it for 3 months then strain it.

Keep the medicine in a dark and dry location so it cannot spoil.




The client who has actually experienced a cardiovascular disease or stroke ought to be offered 5-10 drops of the mix. 5 minutes later on s/he must be offered another 5-10 drops. This treatment has to be duplicated up until the client feels much better.

If the client passes out, put 1-3 drops under his tongue then utilize CPR.




This pepper supports the stomach juices production, so it acts favorably on the digestion system. It can be utilized for dealing with other disorders.

Cayenne pepper has antifungal and anticancer homes. Clients with lung cancer and cigarette smokers are encouraged to utilize cayenne peppers due to the fact that the capsaicin avoids growth advancement activated by tobacco.

This pepper assists in reducing stomach issues, influenza signs, allergic reactions, soreness, migraines, arthritis, tooth pains, and weight problems.


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