Regeneration, Strength And Healing Of The Spine With This DYI Recipe

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Every adult feels back pain, old or young. The mistake spoken is just relaxation, but in fact, the body must be active. Relaxation during pain means a fine state for 48 hours, but more than that is not good. If you keep the muscles inactive you can get the worst effect.

Thus, this can result in depression, weak muscles, clots in blood and eve leg veins issues.

You can try some natural remedies so soothe and remove that pain, lubrication, massages, ointments and such.

Here are the best remedies:


Is the best natural cure for pain In the back. Also, it makes good things for the joints. For medicine use, also is used for various has mineral salts, aluminum, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, lead. Centuries back this was named a painkiller.

For using this as a compress, mix it with bread and water. Add a bit grinded nettle and this mix when done has to be put in nylon, but towel too. The pain spot is lubricated with olive oil and then use the remedy. Apply it for 7 days until the pain is gone.

Dry plums and figs

They can be tasty as tea and for the pain in the spine, the apricots, figs, and prunes when dry, regenerate tissues making the firm. Make a tea of them and have this in the evening. Every bone will be in its place with no pain or therapy.

For tea of 5 dry prunes, 1 dry fig and 1 dry apricot you get the best cure, the spine and pains will be no more a problem. Soak those fruits in water that boils and cover it for 2 hours. Strain and drink.

Potatoes and garlic

These veggies must be used daily and many people still don’t know all the benefits of them. When they combine, you get an amazing remedy for pain removal in the spine. The potato acts on the lower back and swelling too.

Potatoes relax and speed up any work or places where heat is retained, pain places, also garlic makes better blood flow and makes blood has lots of sulfur.

To make a cure of potatoes and garlic, grind them with salt. Mix this nice and lay a thin layer on the pain area, cover with gauze and relax for the night.


The cure for every problem. Also, it is especially good for disk herniation. This item is used as a coating. Cook 10 cloves with some oil. This cooked mix is applied like coating where you feel the pain. Repeat it daily for 30 days and the layer stays on you for 3 hours.

With milk combines, have this mix with meals daily and this is amazing for sciatica people. Just get 200 milk and 4 garlic cloves, mashes. Let these all boil and add honey. Have 2 l of this, in the morning to remove back pain.

Therapy here is not limited but the pain will be gone.


Great for making coatings for pain. Also, is known that cabbage leaf can pull every pain.

Prepare the leaves and wash them. Remove thick parts and roll the soft leaves like a roll. Use pin roll. Put olive oil on the area that hurts and then put the cabbage leaves there. Tighten them with gauze or cloth. Keep the coat there for 3 hours in mornings and another 3 in the evenings.

This therapy is good to be done 6 days, make a month break and do it again. Cabbage also can be mixed with clay for better relief and effect. Get 1 kg clay powder and in a big container add 1 l mineral water to mix them. Add 3 tbsp ACV in this and let it rest a few minutes. Then use it! Put his on pain spots, put the cabbage over this and use gauze. Hold this for 12 hours.

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