Red Hot Chili Peppers May Prolong Your Life

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Red hot chili peppers just might be the key to a longer life, a new study revealed. This latest analysis, which is published in the journal PLOS One, validates the findings of a spicy food research conducted in China back in 2015. The new report is based on data supplied by more than 16,000 American adults.

What happened in the study?

The participants of the study were chosen based on their age, blood pressure levels, diabetes risk, smoking and sexual habits, and cholesterol levels among the characteristics. Here are other facts about this particular research:

– The study took more than 23 years to complete.

– During the course of the study, there were almost 5,000 deaths that involved the participants.

– It was discovered that those who ate hot chili peppers had a lower rate of dying early of up to 13%.

The authors of the study were not able to determine the exact amount of peppers that the participants ate. And while the research was observation and there is no proven causal connection, the authors believe that capsaicin is the key to helping people live a longer life.

Capsaicin is the substance that makes peppers hot, but that’s not all. It has healing properties, including fighting microbes and inflammation, which therefore links this compound to the prevention of various diseases.

Capsaicin Benefits

Capsaicin is actually a phytochemical that is present in peppers to protect them from animals. It’s mostly found in the seeds and ribs of the peppers and it can present a myriad of health benefits to us including:

1. Fighting cancer

There’s a study published in Cancer Research that discovered how capsaicin is the reason behind the death of cancer cells. It is particularly effective in killing prostate cancer cells as well as prostate tumors.

2. Relieving pain

There are topical applications for capsaicin, which can aid in treating osteoarthritis and diabetic neuropathy pain. The phytochemical can stop Substance P, which is a neuropeptide that transmits pain to our brains.

3. Preventing sinusitis

The antibacterial properties of capsaicin could help fight and prevent sinusitis. The heat coming from the peppers can stimulate secretions, allowing air passages to get rid of mucus. It is, therefore, an effective remedy for nasal congestion.

Enjoying extended lifespan could become another reason why you’ll love spicy food. Because of its benefits, there is a possibility that chili peppers and anything spicy may soon be recommended by health authorities.


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