Pringles- Cancer Packed In A Can!

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Everyone I know has eaten and they are probably still consuming Pringles.

This popular ‘potato chips’ has now been known to be highly toxic and also packed full with harmful and cancer causing carcinogens.

What is even more surprising is that this ‘potato chips’ is actually not made from potatoes.

That’s right! You heard me well the first time, your favorite ‘potato chips’ – Pringles go through several production processes that involve the use of other ingredients.

How Pringles Are Made

– At the first stage, they use other ingredients like wheat, rice, corn and potato flakes to make a dough.

-This dough is then put on some molds.

-Next, they are deep fried and then dried out with an industrial high-pressure blower.

-The final stage involves the spraying of some powdered flavoring on the ‘potato chips’ before they are canned.

Pringles Has Harmful Acrylamide

As a result of the production process of Pringles, there is a highly toxic compound that is formed simply known as Acrylamide.

This compound is very carcinogenic and is known to cause cancer. This compound gets formed during the process when the ‘potato chips’ are subjected to very intense temperatures such as the deep frying process that give the chips it’s yellow/brown dry surface.

It is believed that any food that is processed at a temperature exceeding 100 ˚C is a likely candidate for acrylamide.

Now Pringles send even other potato chips to have high amounts of this carcinogenic compound.

In 2005, the state of California in the U.S sued potato chip producers for not giving consumers an adequate warning about the severe health risks of acrylamide, they were required to state the health risks on the labels of their potato chips brand.

This was to give consumers a fair chance of knowing what they were consuming and leaving the choice to them.

It is advisable that before you gobble down on that potato chips by Pringles you think carefully about what it may do to your health and general wellbeing.

Your health lies in your hands and the actions you take today may make or mar it, if you want a snack then you should try more healthy and natural alternatives in order to stay healthy.


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