Plastic Rice In The Country?

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A few months ago, tons and tons of tons of fake rice were confiscated in, and it was not known exactly where They were coming. It was fake rice made with plastic, and obviously not good for health.

However, they perceived something different in the aroma that the great bags dismissed, a chemical aroma. So they decided to cook it, and they noticed that it became sticky and smelled bad. When they sent it to analyze, they found plastic as the main component.

At that time, it was not known if there was more fake plastic rice distributed around the world, or where it came from. It was only speculated that it came from China, and that could be very complicated because a good part of the world’s rice comes from there.

For some time nothing more was known about that fake rice. However, in recent days, the alarm has returned in Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Colombia.

The same happened in Panama, Costa Rica, and Argentina: there were rumors about the fake plastic rice but were rejected.

Since you do not have too much information about it, recognizing fake plastic rice could be difficult. However, with existing information, you can establish which:

-At first glance, the fake rice is very similar to the true but whiter.

-The white color would remain intense when cooked.

-The texture when cooking it would be strange, it would become stickier.

-The aroma when the rice is raw is reminiscent of “chemicals”.

-When cooked, it could dismiss unusual aroma, such as burn.

-The shipments confiscated last year came in bags of the brand “Rice better tomato”.

-Some experts warn that when buying loose, the mark is not a guarantee because counterfeiters could fill with fake rice bags of well-known brands.

Always remember that it is safer to consume local produce and, where possible, organic; That you know where they come from or that they are certified.


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