Lemon And Soda – The Biggest Medical News

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The mix of baking soda and lemon is even 10.000 times stronger than chemo. Sadly, Big Pharma keeps this as a secret since it needs profit from chemo and medicines.

The lemon can kill cancer and it has such an effect on cysts and tumors.

Read more on the good things about this citrus fruit:

1. Better weight loss – lemon makes metabolism boosted and makes better glutathione work.

2. Clean teeth – put the inner lemon peel inside the mouth and clean teeth off bacteria.

3. Treat a toothache – for pain removal, put lemon juice in the teeth.

4. For acne – lemon is antibacterial and best for skin issues like blackheads and acne.

5. Detox for the liver – liver works better with lemon.

6. Good body pH – pH is balanced and alkaline.

7. Fighting cold, fever, flu – lemon can boost immunity and it gives us vitamin C.

8. Good pressure – the lemon has potassium that regulates blood pressure and lowers it.

9. Better digestion and removal of intestine worms – this fruit also can cure cancer. Recent studies said that eating such fruits can prevent or cure cancer and together with the soda the pH will be better and cancer hindered.



A recent study proved that having 4 or more 150 g servings citrus fruit per week can reduce the risk of throat cancer by 53%, belly cancer 31%, colorectal 18%.

Here was not found a link between citruses and breast cancer, but a study in the USA claimed that 75 g grapefruit daily can lower this breast cancer risk by 22%.

Also, the citrus is healthy for us and this was proved in both studies with 600 g weekly, so this is the minimal dose for cancer prevention.

Source: organichealthuniverse

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