Herbs For Restoring Hormonal Balance

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One of the most serious problems for our body can be caused by hormonal imbalance. It causes a lot of stress to our organism and can cause the appearance of various illnesses like diabetes and even cancer. Many people over 35, men and women can have a hormonal imbalance. Mostly, it can be caused by sedentary lifestyle, stress and unhealthy diet.
Many natural herbs can help us regulate our hormonal balance. Our body will feel these herbs better than any pills. They will also improve our overall health.

These 10 herbs can help us regulate our hormonal imbalance:

This herb acts like an adaptogen. It can help us decrease the cholesterol as well as the stress caused by hormonal imbalance. You can also use it as a prevention, but make sure you take it carefully because it can have a negative effect if you take it with certain medicines. Always take this herb 3 hours before you have to take the medicine.

This particular herb can help you in the treatment of thyroid problems, but it can also improve the condition of our adrenal glands. It can help women improve the blood flow in their organs, but it will also help us reduce the symptoms of menopause. It is also helpful in erection problems as well as to reduce stress.

This is a type of berry. It is mostly used for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia. It can help us reduce fatigue and increase our immunity. It can also help men get more sperm count.

This herb should especially be used by women who want to conceive. It is excellent for our reproductive hormones. According to numerous studies performed on animals, this herb can help men improve their stamina, but it is also able to provoke more of the estradiol-17 beta hormone.

This root is abundant in zinc. Zinc is excellent for improved stamina and libido. It was even used by the Inca warriors to improve their stamina.

This plant was mostly used by the Chinese as well as the Indians to gain more sperm count and help them with erection problems. It is also able to improve the androgen receptors in women’s brains.

Suma is a type of root. People mostly use it to regulate their levels of blood sugar, improve their pancreas and also balance the endocrine system. It can also help people have good mood and improve their fertility.

This herb has been mostly used for the treatment of menopausal signs. It can relax the muscles, mimic testosterone in blood and diminish PMS.

This herb is especially helpful for our pituitary gland which produces more estrogen and prolactin. It is mostly used for treating breast pain and ovary diseases.

The Native Americans used this herb for a very long time and they treated female infertility. It will have an action similar to estrogen and it can definitely influence the reproduction. Many women still use it to decrease signs of estrogen insufficiency during their period of menopause.
Make sure you always consult an expert or a doctor if you decide to use any of these herbs in case of hormonal imbalance.

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