Facts For Microwaves – Never Use Them Again

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Microwaves could be the benign item for biological damage. Many people now need more holistic advice to dispose of these ovens. Humans are the only ones that remove nutrients from food before they eat it, and with microwaves too.

These ovens use electromagnetic energy or radiation with electricity. When this penetrates, it triggers rotating of water inside food. This makes molecule friction and rapid temperature growth.

These ovens use fast particles for radiation of food water molecules to boil. This makes infertility in men and makes food indigestible too.

Animals consume natural and raw food, and humans make food worthless with cooking. Prepack and semi done foods are the things! No wonder we are not healthy.

These ovens work physically, physiologically and biochemically, they kill bacteria and viruses but never toxins. Experts said such food loses 60-90% nutrients and is disintegrated faster. The nutrients are altered and make digestion issues. This makes more cancer cells and intestine or belly cancer cells.

Leaking microwave radiation is even worse. FDA even made limits to leakage allowed per manufacturer. To remove this radiation, ski this oven. It can cause birth defects, cancer, cataract and more.

Due to this, microwaves are banned in Russia from 1976 onward. Experts said this exposure lowers vitamin usage and speeds up damage, bad food process, lowers alkaloids, galactoses and glycosides.

Back in 1991, Swiss expert Hans Ulrich Hertel said the heated and cooked food is a bigger risk than regular food. Those using microwaves lose hemoglobin and lymphocytes.

In 2003, Spanish Study claimed in Murcia that fruits and veggies in microwave lose 97% of nutrients and lead to heart issues.

In the book of Dr. Lita Lee, Health effects of microwave radiation ovens, also in September and March 1991 Earthletter, she said these ovens leak EMR. This harms food and changes items in toxins and carcinogens.

In the Comparative study of food prepared conventional, by Raum and Zelt, 1992 was said such ovens are using alternating currents and force billions polarity reversing items in second for every molecule of food. Unnatural items here are expected. Natural amino acids went under isomeric changes and became toxins too.

There were no atoms, cells or molecules or organic systems that can stand this violent power for some time. Not even low range milliwatts. These ovens kill delicate vitamins and phytonutrients. Such veggies lose 97% good items.

Hertel also was the first expert to lead a study of these effects on the blood and body. His small study showed the force of these ovens. The result was that food changes and damages body and blood. This was done along Bernard H. Blanc from Swiss federal institute for technology and the Biochemistry University.


1. The breakdown in human life field of energy when exposed to this oven. With longer exposure, more side effects are seen

2. Cell voltage degenerated too with this usage, seen in lymph and blood

3. Degeneration of external energy for utilizing food inside our metabolism

4. Degeneration of intracell membranes when they carry catabolic items in blood serum from digestion

5. Degeneration and circuit stop of electrical nerve impulse inside cerebrum

6. Degeneration of nerve electrical circuit and energy loss of neuro plexus in front and rear, but central nervous system too

7. Balance loss of bioelectric strength with ascended reticule system for consciousness.

8. Long term loss of energy in humans, plants, animals in 500-meter radius of this equipment

9. Long time effect of magnet deposits in nervous system and lymph

10. Destabilized hormone producing and balance in both genders

11. High level of brainwave disruptions in theta, alpha, delta patterns

12. Due to this, bad psychological effects were seen like memory loss, no focus, suppressed emotions, less cognitive speed and bad sleep. This was seen in those chronically exposed to microwaves.

See around you if every person uses this oven. Most of them are overweight and unhealthy. The more you use this, you get fewer nutrients and more diseases. So, you get on meds and have even more spiraling problems.

Of all items, polar, water oxygen reacts most fragile. This way microwave heat generates, from molecule violence. Molecules are torn, deformed, and are called STRUCTURAL ISOMERISM. This is opposite of heating up food where heat is from all around. Microwaves attack water cells first with frictional heat.

This is a summary of Russian experts from Atlantis raising educational center, Portland, Oregon.

– Microwaved meats caused d-Nitrosodeinthanolamines, a carcinogen.

– Milk and grains changed their amino acids in carcinogens

– Thawed frozen fruits with their galactoside and glucoside turned to carcinogens

– Short exposure to raw and frozen veggies, changed alkaloids to carcinogens

– Carcinogen free radicals were made in plants or root veggies

– Russian experts said accelerating is seen in all foods by 60-90%. Less B complex vitamins, E, C, minerals, and lipotropics. Many plants were damaged too in their alkaloids, nitriloside, galactosides, and glucosides.

Dr. Lee said changes in blood chemistry was seen after such foods.

– Lymph disorders and more cancers

– More cancer cell forming in blood

– More intestine and stomach cancers

– More digestion issues and breakdown of systems


This exposure decreased nutrition in food, like;

– Less bioavailability of B, C, E, minerals, and lipo tropics

– Loss of 60-90% energy of foods

– Less metabolic behavior in alkaloids, galactosides, glucosides, and nitriloside

– Less nutrition if meat nucleoproteins

– Accelerated disintegration of foods


This is a misnomer and excepted is dehydration, so no way to heat food and keep its nutrition. Gently heat food in the iron pan. This is old fashioned and best way.

Throw the microwave and have 50% of diet from raw foods and be healthier. My mom always told me if the food is packed, it needs heating and is not good. She was right, mostly, so linger more on produce aisles next time.



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