7 Best Natural Ways to Treat Acne Scars at Home

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What is a scar? The scar is the outcome of wound recovery. All injuries arising from damage to the dermis or deeper layers of the skin, heal with the development of a scar tissue.


The scar tissue does not have hair, sweat and sebaceous glands and the scar does not include flexible fibers.

The procedure of forming scar ends after one year in grownups, and after two to 4 years in children.

Proper treatment of scar

It is important to appropriately take care of the scar. Fresh scars are especially vulnerable.

Six months to a year for sure, you need to products with SPF, in case the scar is exposed to sun or UV rays.

You should avoid saunas and exposure to intense cold. Likewise, avoid too narrow or bulky clothing, for friction can injure the scar.

The scar is more sensitive than healthy skin, so that this sort of inflammation might respond with redness and hardening.

Using appropriate products significantly influence the course and result of treatment scarring.

You can put the circumstance under control!

Some ladies are more likely to be confronted with the problem of acne throughout various cycles of life, such as hormone imbalances which can quickly cause acne throughout menstruation and pregnancy.

Regrettably, there is no treatment for acne, but there are some natural manner ins which keep the entire circumstance under control.

For those not so lucky, who are battling with chronic look of acne on the skin, the entire scenario may eventually evolve into getting scars, and the repercussions can be serious.

Not just it will this impact the appearance, however it will also significantly lower their confidence and social life.

However, there is no space for panic, we bring you a good option.

Seven natural manner ins which you can fix acne scars

1.Lemon juice

It assists the skin to stay hydrated, supple and soft.

2.Honey blended with plain moisturizer or a mix of oats and honey

This mix tidy pores and the skin ends up being smooth.

3.Apple cider vinegar

Minimizes skin irritation, relieves infections brought on by acne and makes the skin soft. It is thought about to be the very best service for the treatment of rashes and pimples.

4.The juice of pickles

Minimizes inflammation and increases skin elasticity.

5.Tea Tree oil

Effectively eliminates germs.

6.Olive oil and salt

This treatment gets rid of excess fat in the skin, reduces inflammation and treats the skin tissue.


Increase skin elasticity and lower the level of bacteria in acne.

By applying the abovementioned natural components outdoors pores and scars triggered by acne, you can lower the visibility of scars.

First of all, wash with warm water to open the pores, then, use the above ingredients on the target location and rub them in scars. Leave the treatment on your face for about twenty minutes and then wash.

Apple cider vinegar might not be the proper solution for people with sensitive skin, so you can count on natural active ingredients, such as tomatoes, honey, cucumber, tea tree oil and olive oil, which, with no risk, can be directly applied to skin.

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