16 Genius Ways to Use Toothpaste That You Never Expected

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Believe it or not toothpaste should not be used only for brushing the teeth. The truth is that your toothpaste whichever you have right now is very innovative and practical for many uses around the house.

Here are some very practical uses for toothpaste you probably didn’t know that will make your life much easier:

Remove Scuffs from Shoes

Just squirt a little toothpaste on the scuffed and afflicted area of leather shoes and rub it gently with a soft cloth.

Clean Piano Keys

Put a little bit of toothpaste on a wet cloth and clean and whiten the piano keys no matter of the material they are made of.

Clean Your Iron

The bottom plate of the iron can sometimes accumulate gunk and the toothpaste is the best thing you can use to get rid of it. Scrub some toothpaste on the plate with a rag and rinse.

Polish a Dimond Ring

Put a little bit of toothpaste with your hand on the ring and make it shiny again. Wipe the residue with a damp cloth.

Get Rid of Bruises

Rub some toothpaste mixed with your lotion on your bruises before going to bed to make them disappear much faster.

Clean Your Nails

You can whiten your nails and make them stronger and healthier just by applying a little bit of toothpaste before washing them.

Polish Chrome

Any chrome you have can be scrubbed and cleaned with toothpaste. Use toothpaste and a soft dry cloth.

Remove Crayon from Walls

Parents will definitely understand the struggle but no worries, as you can easily get that crayon out of the wall with toothpaste. Take a scrub brush or a rag and rub toothpaste on the afflicted areas of the wall.

Clean Up Pimples

The non-gel toothpaste works best for this purpose. Just dab a little bit on it before bed and in the morning they will dry up.

Remove Clothing Stains

Any stain like red wine, tomato sauce or lipstick can be removed from clothing with toothpaste. Put some onto the afflicted area and leave it to work up to an hour. Wash it off and chances are the stain will be as good as gone!

Permanent Marker Stains

Toothpaste can get out any permanent marker stains you may have on any surface around the house.

Shine Silver

With just a small amount of toothpaste you can shine you silver jewelry safely.

Remove Watermarks

Watermarks on furniture can give a bad aesthetic look and you can remove them with toothpaste. Tub some toothpaste with a cloth on the afflicted areas and let it dry before applying any other substance and polish.

Prevent Mirrors from Fogging

Coat your mirror with a non-gel toothpaste and wipe it before you take a bath. This will prevent fogging from any mirror.

Prevent Fogged Goggles

Just like the mirrors, the toothpaste can prevent your googles to fog which is a great thing and trick to have in your pocket. Just rub the goggles with toothpaste and wipe it off.

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