10 Facts About Bananas!

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Bananas are very healthy. They are rich in vitamins & minerals and improve our health on many different levels. They are tasty and almost everyone likes them.

When they are consumed on a daily basis, they can be helpful for many health issues like kidney cancer, depression, osteoporosis, blindness, diabetes and morning sickness.

They also can:

-Improve the digestion because they are packed with dietary fiber and they can fight off constipation and indigestion by regulating the bowel movements.

-They regulate the blood sugar, which makes them great for those who suffer from diabetes.

-They can prevent calcium deficiency, improve the mineral absorption and strengthen the bones and teeth.

-They improve brain function because of their potassium content and they also improve the reasoning and cognitive ability.

-Bananas prevent kidney cancer and kidney stones by encouraging the body’s calcium absorption.

-They fight off anemia because they contain a high amount of iron which improves the blood quality.

-They boost the energy. Before exercising, consume a banana or two to get enough stamina for the whole session.

-They protect from stroke and heart attack because of their low content of sodium and high content of potassium.

-They treat depression because of their tryptophan content that transforms into serotonin in the body which controls the mood.


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